Devin Saunders

Graduate Student | School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness

Education & Professional Training

  • B.S., Nutritional Science, Morgan State University

About Me
I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland, and I moved to Tucson, Arizona this past August (2021). I received my Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Science in the spring of 2021, & I am now pursuing a PhD in the Nutritional Science Graduate Program. It was in the summer of 2016 when I became curious about the process of how food works in our body so I enrolled at Morgan State University and became a Nutritional Science Major. From there I was able to become an NIH Scholar where I was not only able to conduct my own research, but also present at many conferences including ABRCMS & FNCE. 

Why did you choose the Nutritional Science Graduate Program at UofA?
I had the opportunity to come to the UofA during the summer of 2019 for the UROC MHD program. I was able to intern for Dr. Ann Skulas-Ray and had the chance to be apart of two different projects in collaboration with Dr. Ski Chilton, and Dr. Kristian Doyle. During this ten week internship I was able to learn valuable lab techniques and advice about how to conduct an animal model as well as sterile technique. After the internship was complete I told our UROC coordinator that I will be back to further my studies because of the wonderful experience that I had.