Preston Harris, MS

Graduate Student

About Me
I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Arizona in May 2015 with a minor in biochemistry, and my Masters in May 2017, and I am currently working toward a doctorate in Nutritional Sciences. I enjoy a very active lifestyle, and am an avid sports player. In addition to recreational sports, I have also employed my athletic skills as a professional boxer and MMA fighter. I always like to learn new things, to better myself as a person, and to add interesting lines to my life resume.

Why did I choose the Nutritional Sciences Graduate Program at The University of Arizona?
In short, I love Arizona! Throughout completing my bachelor's at UA, I discovered a team of faculty in the program that made the experience there an unbeatable one. A big reason I decided to return here for grad school was the knowledge and comfort that these people genuinely want to see me succeed. Another big reason was the incredibly high standard of scientific research performed at this university. Those are two important qualities that can't be found everywhere.