Experiential Learning


Experiential Learning in the NSC department can occur in a variety of ways. NSC 395A is a course in which students self-enroll. All the other options (NSC 392, NSC 392, NSC 393, NSC 399) are only available to students who have made prior arrangements with a supervising mentor. Students may not ask for the NSC advisor to enroll them with the expectation that the department will set up an arrangement. If you are interested in these options, the first step is to contact the faculty that you would like to work with. Set up a meeting to discuss what you would like to do. If the faculty member agrees and would like to supervise you, then you can proceed.

In order to be registered for NSC 399, NSC 391, NSC 392 or NSC 393, you must complete the NSC Experiential Learning Form. This form must be signed by both the student and supervising mentor, contain a clear description, and state how many units the student is requesting. Students must work 3 hours per week for every unit.

Important Information:  See the Experiential Learning Information for further details about choosing a course and registration deadlines. The Department of Nutritional Sciences has adopted a Transportation Policy for experiential learning opportunities. 

Working with a supervising mentor in another department If you are an NSC major, but are completing an experience in another department, you will need to contact that department to get registered. The NSC department can only register students in NSC courses under supervising mentors who are affiliated with the NSC department.

NSC 393: Per University guidelines, the Internship option requires further paperwork and written assignments. See the NSC Internship Student Requirements and the NSC Internship Application for details. You will not be registered until both the NSC Experiential Learning Form and the NSC Internship Application are completed and submitted.  Please note that this is not the same thing as a Dietetic Internship.

NSC 391:  Prior to enrollment, students must complete the online U of A FERPA training and provide documentation. You can take the training at ferpa.registrar.arizona.edu. After completing the training, print the record of completion (or take a screenshot) and submit with your NSC Experiential Learning Form.

NSC 395A: This is a 2-credit course called Experiential Learning in Nutritional Sciences. The course is offered in both fall and winter. You must be an NSC major and have completed an introductory nutrition course to enroll. If you meet the requirements, you may enroll through UAccess. NSC 395A required 3 hours of volunteer work in an assigned community site for the duration of the semester as well as attendance in class once a week.