List of Undergraduate Courses

Course Number Title of Course Semester(s) Offered Number of Units Prerequisites
NSC 101 Introduction to Human Nutrition Fall, Spring 3
NSC 115 Personal Sports Nutrition Fall 1
NSC 150C1 Sustainable Nutrition and Food Systems Fall, Spring 3

NSC 170C1 (formerly NATS 104) Nutrition, Food, and You Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 3
NSC 170C2 The Science of Fermentation: When Bad Food Turns Good Spring 3
NSC 225 Foundational Skills in Nutritional Sciences Fall, Spring 2
NSC 255 Food and Culture Winter, Spring, Summer 3
NSC 260 Nutrition Communication and Scientific Literacy Fall, Spring 3
NSC 301 Nutrition and the Life Cycle Fall, Summer 3
NSC 308 Nutrition and Metabolism Fall, Spring 3
NSC 310 Principles of Human Nutrition in Health and Disease Fall, Summer 3
NSC 311 A Systems Approach to Obesity Prevention Spring, Summer 3
NSC 315 Sports Nutrition Spring, Summer 3
NSC 320 Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Health Promotion Fall, Spring 3
NSC 325 (formerly NSC 340) Foundations of Medical Nutrition Therapy Spring 4
NSC 325L Foundations of Medical Nutrition Therapy Lab Spring 1
NSC 351L Food Studies Laboratory Fall, Spring 1
NSC 351R Fundamentals of Food Science Fall, Summer 3
NSC 353 Food Science and Safety Summer 3
NSC 358L Institutional Food Management Laboratory Spring 1
NSC 358R Institutional Food Management Spring 3
NSC 366A Nutritional Anthropology Fall (even years only) 3
NSC 375 Diet, Genes, and Disease Summer 3
NSC 376 Bioactive Compounds and Food Additives Summer 3
NSC 391 & Honors Preceptorship Fall, Spring, Summer Varies
NSC 392 Directed Research Fall, Spring, Summer Varies
NSC 393 Internship Fall, Spring, Summer Varies
NSC 395A Experiential Learning in Nutritional Sciences Fall, Spring 2
NSC 395B Special Topics in Nutritional Sciences Fall, Spring Varies
NSC 396A Survey of Nutrition Careers Fall, Spring 1
NSC 396B Scientific Literacy Fall, Spring 1
NSC 399 & Honors Independent Study Fall, Spring, Summer Varies
NSC 408 Nutritional Biology Fall, Spring 3
NSC 410 Applied Nutrition and Disease Spring 3
NSC 415L / 515L Advanced Sports Nutrition Lab Fall 1
NSC 415R / 515R Advanced Sports Nutrition Fall 3
NSC 420 Nutrition Education and Counseling Spring 2
NSC 425 (formerly NSC 440) Medical Nutrition Therapy I (MNT I) Fall 4
NSC 430L Advanced Food Science & Microbiology Laboratory Fall 2  
NSC 435 Medical Nutrition Therapy II (MNT II) Spring 4
NSC 444 Community Nutrition Spring 3
NSC 445 / 545 Assessment and Regulation of Human Body Composition Fall (7-week, 2nd session) 3
NSC 455 / NSC 445H Mediterranean Diet and Health Summer 6
NSC 458 Food Service Organization and Management Fall 3
NSC 475 / 575 Nutrigenomics for the Study of Disease Prevention and Intervention Fall, Spring (both 7-week, 2nd session) 3
NSC 478 Public Health Nutrition Fall, Spring 3
NSC 484 Fundamentals of Industrial and Environmental Health Fall 3  
NSC 495A Dietetic Internship Preparation Fall 1
NSC 497A Applied Sports Nutrition Workshop Fall, Spring 3
NSC 497B Medical Nutrition Therapy Workshop   1  
NSC 497C Competency and Compassion Development for Health Majors; The "Body Positive" Concept   1  
NSC 497F Community and School Garden Workshop Fall, Spring 1